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Gelupak (Mannas Daryab®):
The Swiss made Manna Drops in Bags
DaryabSofe’s Swiss made Manna Drops combine stimulating flavour and freshness of Swiss Herb Drops and effectiveness of Iranian traditional Manna Drops in relief of mouth and throat.
The Manna gives relief to coughs and hoarseness, while Honey-Mint flavour is soothing and refreshing.
Daryab’s belend is usually enriched with Trehale-Manna extract, exclusivley produced by Daryab in Iran, and essential oils and natural flavouring.
The Daryab’s Manna Drops, called Gelupak are produced by F.Hunziker, a famous candy producer in Switzerland.
Gelupak Manna Drops are available in Iran under the new brand called:

           Daryab® Gelupak

Manna wa Salwa (Arabic, Persian, Urdu), sometimes or archaically spelled mana, is the name of a food (Bread from the Heaven) which, according to the Bible, was eaten by the Israelites during their travels in the desert. It was said to be sweet to the taste.
Manna is also briefly mentioned in the Qur'an, with the Al-Baqara, Al-A'raf, and Ta-Ha mentioning the divine supply of manna as one of the miracles with which the Israelites were favored; these passages only describe manna as being "good things" which have been "provided ... as sustenance."

Trehale Manna
Trehale-Manna is like the Old Testament Manna an insect-product containing Trehalose or “resurrection sugar” which  is considered as an unique molecule in nature, able to revitalize plants in the desert, that otherwise would be dead for drought, through a stabilization process. When water starts to be less, their structure are as freeze-dried and covered by a thin layer that isolates and protects them from environment, but ready to dissolve when in contact again with water.
Trehale-Manna is gathered from a cocoon-bearing plant called Echinops Persicus, a variation of Globe Tistle, in Zagros mountains in western part of Iran and is in use probably from biblical time against respiratory diseases in the Middle East and is mentioned in this respect by Avicenna, the famous Persian Medicos in the Middle-Age.

Manna Extraction
In eastern part of Zagros mountain (Western part of Iran), the farmers start the gathering of the beetles’ cocoons containing Trehale Manna in autumn, from September on.
In order to maximize the harvest the gathering areas are selected carefully by the farmers in those pastures with highest density of the cocoon-bearing plant, a variation of the Globe Tistle, with systematic name Echinops Persicus.
DaryabSofe’s specialists ensures the highest quality of the gathered Trehale Manna by careful cleaning and testing of the each charge of the harvest. Only those charges are selected, which fulfill the defined quality standards (e.g.>30% Trehalose content, etc.).
By careful mixing of Manna powder obtained from milled cocoons, DaryabSofe keeps the overall quality of the Trehale Manna constant.
Packaging and storage of Trehale Manna powder prepared for export to Switzerland is also performed by DaryabSofe.
Water based extraction of a Trehalose extract is produced finally in Switzerland by DaryabSofe’s partner Hunziker AG.

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